Special Wood Inc. began in 1988 as a small family business operating out of the owner’s home garage near Wrightsville Beach, N.C. From small beginnings,  Special Wood has grown to become a leading supplier of exterior trim and interior moldings for many of the finest home builders in Southeastern North Carolina, while continuing to offer unique and unusual wood trim products for hobby woodworkers.

Beginning with Longevity

Special Wood’s started by offering high-quality cypress and cedar to local builders. As the regional housing market heated up, word spread about the consistently high grade of lumber offered by the company, and custom builders flocked to the business. For an exquisitely built home, Special Wood was the only source of lumber. The company expanded to meet the needs of developers along the southeastern North Carolina coast.  

Growing with Efficiency

With introduction of re-dried, treated lumber in 1995, Special Wood introduced increased efficiency for area builders without sacrificing quality. The new product eliminated drying time required for pressure treated wood and reduced the number of calls to builders from homeowners complaining of defective lumber. Builders increased their profits and customer satisfaction. 

Expansion through Customization

In 1997 Special Wood saw a need for quality re-dried, treated exterior and interior moldings and formed the Lumber Remanufacturing company. While supplying standard exterior and interior moldings, panels, and flooring, the the addition of Lumber Remanufacturing allowed Special Wood to produce custom patterns designed by architects, allowing builders to offer a new, exceptional product to their new homeowners.  

Joining the Pieces Together

Increased demand caused Special Wood to far outgrow their small lumberyard on 58th street in Wilmington. In 2006, the company moved to join Lumber Remanufacturing at their spacious location in northern New Hanover county off Blue Clay Road.   Operating in tandem has further improved the efficiency of Special Wood, allowing the company to continue to serve builders and homeowners with quality products that will last for generations. 


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