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Hewn Timber

Hewn Timber
This notched timber makes an excellent mantle piece. Hewn timber can be used for beams, rustic furniture, and niche modern building. It is popular as decor in commercial and restaurant spaces.

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Vertical Grain Alaskan Yellow CedarVertical Grain (VG) Alaskan Yellow Cedar
Grown in the Pacific Coast region, this remarkably beautiful cedar has exceptional resistance to weather. It is a highly-prized vertical grain product, perfect for exterior applications.

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Vertical Grain Treated PineVG Treated Pine
The unique cellular structure of treated pine permits deep and uniform penetration of preservatives, resulting in a product that will last for generations when properly treated and installed.

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Vertical Grain Western Red CedarVG Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar features a natural resistance to decay and insect damage. This beautiful vertical grain wood is the ideal choice for interior or exterior use.

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Live Edge SlabLive Edge Slab
For those who enjoy the rustic elegance of rough cut wood, our wood planks are especially appealing. These high-quality and natural looking planks add charm to kitchens, dining room, living rooms and more.

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