Special Wood Inc. began in 1988 as a small family company operated from the owner’s garage near Wrightsville Beach, N.C.  The company has grown to become a leading supplier of exterior trim and interior moldings for many of the finest homes in Southeastern North Carolina.


Special Wood began by supplying local builders with quality cypress and cedar products.  Regional growth allowed access to an expanded market.  The company took pride from the start in the wood it hand delivered – a consistently high grade of lumber – and word spread among high-end builders that Special Wood was the source for products to ensure an exquisitely built home.


With introduction of re-dried, treated lumber in 1995, the company offered a new product that increased efficiency for area builders.  By eliminating the drying time needed for pressure treated wood and reducing the number of calls from homeowners with complaints of defective lumber, builders were able to improve their profits.


In 1997 Special Wood saw a need for quality re-dried, treated exterior and interior moldings and formed Lumber Remanufacturing.  While supplying standard exterior and interior moldings, panels and flooring, the company also now had the ability to produce any pattern an architect could design.  Working in conjunction with Special Wood, Lumber Remanufacturing began to produce products that made the builder, architect and homeowner happy.


When the company had far outgrown the small lumberyard on 58th street in Wilmington, Special Wood moved to its present location in the northern section of New Hanover county on Blue Clay Road.  Lumber Remanufacturing already was in operation at the spacious location.  The new offices and warehouses for Special Wood opened there in January 2006.  The tandem operation has improved the efficiency of this service-oriented business that intends to meet builders’ and homeowners’ needs for the highest quality products for generations to come.